Fee Schedule

Provincial Nominee Programs

(All provinces except Quebec)


Permanent Residence Applications

Spouse/Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

  • Starting at $2,500.00

Parental Sponsorship

  • Starting at $2,500.00

Express Entry

  • Starting at $2,500.00

Temporary Residence Applications

Work Permit (without LMIA)

  • Starting at $400.00

Work Permit (with LMIA)

  • Starting at $500.00

Study Permit

  • Starting at $350.00

Visitor Visa

  • Starting at $350.00

Extensions of Work / Study Permits / Visitor Status

  • Starting at $300.00

Permanent Residence Card renewals

  • Starting at $350.00

Canadian Citizenship Applications

  • Starting at $550.00

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Our fees start at the above amounts. The final fees will depend on your situation and complexity of each case. The above totals do not include provincial and federal government processing fees, courier charges, translations or notorization of documents, medical examinations, and police clearance checks. All fees will be detailed in the Retainer Agreement signed between the Regulated Canadian Immigration Counsultant (RCIC) and the Client.

5% GST will be added to payments made from Canada

All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Please note the amount we charge is for the process, not the result. Results can never be guaranteed by anyone (lawyer or immigration consultant).