Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) / Visitor Visa

Many clients from non-visa-exempt countries have no idea how rigorous Canada is when it comes to assessing a "simple" Visitor Visa. As many non-visa-exempt applicants have found (often the hard way), obtaining a Visitor Visa / TRV is not easy.

Unfortunately, this is especially true for nationals in developing countries. If you are a business person who regularly conducts business the United States or Canada, obtaining a multiple-entry visa in advance is a smart way to respond to client and business matters in a proactive manner.

Whether simply visiting or going to Canada on official business, the onus is on the applicant to prove that his or her entry into Canada is temporary. For a list of countries that require a TRV, click here. It should be noted that Permanent Residents of the United States are visa-exempt to Canada, regardless of nationality. This courtesy though, is not reciprocated for Permanent Residents of Canada from a non-waiver national entering the United States.

Another important note is that an approved TRV does not necessarily guarantee entry into Canada. The decision to allow a foreign national to enter Canada rests solely with the officer at the point-of-entry. Applicants with frequent entry needs - especially business visitors - are strongly encouraged to have additional documentation ready at the border. Please consult our Business Immigrant Program page for more information about entering Canada on official company or government business.

In addition to TRV preparation at a visa post, our firm may prepare robust point-of-entry packets for our most discerning business applicants to ensure a hassle-free entry experience. Whether you are an employer or a frequent business traveler, do not take any risks in regards to your documentation as this simple step can affect your temporary stay.

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Transit Visa

A Transit Visa is a type of TRV required for anyone from a non-visa-exempt country who is traveling through Canada to another country and whose flight will stop in Canada for less than 48 hours.

The typical Transit Visa is for a traveler who is merely connecting at a Canadian-based airport to a third country or destination without entering Canada or passing through Canadian customs. Despite the fact that a non-visa-exempt national (such as an Indian or Russian citizen) has no intent of going through Canadian customs, he or she will still need a Transit Visa to take a connecting flight to a third country such as Hong Kong. The only advantage of a Transit Visa versus a regular TRV is the processing fee.

There are rare exceptions to the requirement for a Transit Visa for citizens of China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia who hold a valid US visa. This exception applies if they have never overstayed in the US and have connecting flights to and from the US from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and/or Toronto Pearson International Airport, (YYZ) Terminal 1, and are traveling via Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Air China, Philippine Airlines, Jazz Air, Aky Regional Airlines, and Air Georgian.

This exception is referred to as the Transit Without a Visa (TWOV) program or China Transit Program (CTP). Please note that the process of obtaining TWOV or CTP relief is driven by the airport administrator or airline, not the passenger or applicant.

If you require a Transit Visa, please contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss the rigorous requirements for obtaining one.


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